Innovative Ways to Modify Your Carport

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A portable carport is a versatile and cost-friendly alternative to a full garage. Since carports can provide the same purpose as a regular garage without the costly installation and materials, many residents in Ballarat are choosing this budget-friendly option. When you think of this structure, the first thing that may come to your mind is how it is used for storing and protecting vehicles. However, even if carports are generally used for this purpose, there are still ways to modify them so they can serve a variety of uses.

At Ballarat Carports, our team has years of experience providing bespoke and top-notch carports in the city. We have designed and set up a variety of carports that are not only used for vehicle storage. So if you wish to have a unique carport that can be used for other purposes, we got you covered. Here are some of the innovative ways on how you can effectively modify your carports.

Set up an outdoor theatre.

Want to spend the warm summer nights outdoors while enjoying a great movie? You can try having an outdoor theatre in your yard. With the help of wireless technology, wide-screen televisions, surround speakers and projection screens, setting up an outdoor theatre in your carport will be an easy task. In this simple space, you can binge-watch your favourite shows, enjoy the reruns of your favourite football games or chill with some popcorn and drinks with your friends. You can also integrate some comfortable couches, bean bags and chairs to attain a cozy spot in your backyard. Adding shades on the sides of your carports is also recommended to protect you from the sun and add privacy to your space.

Use it as a poolside shade.

If you have allotted an extensive budget for your new pool or pool renovation and you still wish to have a poolside retreat built, you can opt to have a carport situated near your pool. Since it comes in a diverse variety of configurations, you can customize it to suit the size of your yard or pool area. You can add some deck chairs, loungers and tables underneath it for you to have a comfortable and shady area. A poolside carport can provide an excellent spot for relaxation after a refreshing dip in the pool and a nice space where you can enjoy snacks and drinks after basking under the sun.

Create a handyman workshop.

Having a spacious and accessible area where you can work on various home improvement projects or DIY projects is an advantage. If you feel like your basement is too cramped and doing simple construction in your garage is not a good idea, you can turn a carport into a functional workshop. Since it is an open space, you can easily add fixtures and customize them to suit your requirements. You can add a workbench and install some electrical wiring and fixtures where you can plug your tools for you to accomplish your tasks and projects. Working on your home renovation projects under a portable carport is more convenient because you will be sheltered from the sun while enjoying the refreshing breeze in your outdoor area.