Conventional Carport Designs and Their Features

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Are you hesitant to buy a new car because you do not have a garage where you can safely park it? Some people may not have the space and budget to build a full garage. While there can be designated areas for free parking, it might be better to have a sheltered space in your property where you can keep an eye on your car.

In Ballarat, carports are continuously gaining popularity for many homeowners. Their practicality and versatility in design can be the main reason why a lot of property owners are opting to have carports rather than a garage. At Ballarat Carports, we offer a wide variety of custom-made carport structures. We provide a great selection of sizes and designs so our customers can conveniently choose the one that will suit their car, location, and personal style.

How can you pick the best carport design for your property? For those who need an idea as to what design may work well with their car and property, here are some of the most sought-after carport designs in Ballarat. Check out the features of the four carport designs we recommend so you can pick the right one for your vehicle.

Open-Sided Carport

If you have a beautiful garden at home or you live in an area surrounded by scenic views, an open-sided carport can be an excellent alternative for you. Compared to a standard garage, an open-sided carport will not obstruct your view. To put it simply, this type of carport design has no walls. Many people opt to have this carport because it is one of the cheapest and easiest to install. If your property is nestled in an area that has a temperate climate, an open-sided carport can be a quick and budget-friendly protective solution for your car. However, it might be best to note that this carport design is not suited for areas that are prone to storms because it lacks the protection you require.

Gable Roof Carport

Gable roof carport is perhaps one of the most famous carport designs in Ballarat because of its classic style and functionality. This type of carport can be customized to conveniently fit your requirements. Besides that, it is offered in a variety of materials such as aluminium, steel, and timber. If you plan to have this type of carport, you can choose between the standard gable, which is the traditional type of roof for carports, and the Dutch gable, which is pretty much similar to the standard one but it has parapets attached to it. Gable roof carports are ideal for keeping your vehicles protected from the blazing heat of the sun and heavy rains.

Flat Roof Carport

True to its name, this type of carport has a flat roof. Its roof is slightly angled, so the water will easily flow when it is raining. Besides that, it can be built for one or more vehicles. With its simple structure, you can conveniently set it up in any free space on your property. It also comes in several designs and colours, so you can let our team build you a flat roof carport that will seamlessly complement your home and landscaping.

Timber Carport Frame

Timber is also a leading material when it comes to carports. Many homeowners in Ballarat opt to have a timber carport frame because of its cheaper cost and natural aesthetic appeal. This type of material is also a great pick for a DIY carport project. Besides that, some manufacturers offer ready-to-assemble kits to make things easier for you. However, when you use wood for your carport, you have to process and maintain it well so it can withstand rot and pest infestations.