Custom Metal Carports vs. Traditional Wooden Carports: Which Is Better?

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Picking the right material for your carport can be overwhelming. Choosing between a custom metal carport and a traditional wooden carport is not an easy task because of the several factors that need to be considered. Before deciding on what material to use, you must weigh several factors such as durability, longevity, functionality, budget, aesthetic appeal and more. Besides that, you have to assess your distinctive requirements and sift through the myriad of options to choose from.

At Ballarat Carports, we understand that this process requires careful planning because it is an important investment. That is why our professional team is committed to helping you determine which of the two will adequately fit your needs and specifications. Check out the advantages of metal and wooden carports to determine which one is the better choice for you and your property.

Custom Metal Carports

Metal carports are very popular in Ballarat. Due to its contemporary style and functionality, it is one of the top choices for many households in town. If you plan to install a metal carport soon, you might want to look into the benefits it can extend to you and your property.

Durable and Long-lasting

Even when exposed to extreme weather changes such as torrential rains or storms, metal carports will not rot, twist, warp or crack. Besides that, it is also impervious to fire, insect infestation and corrosion, so you can effectively use your carport for a long time.


Another advantage you can have with a metal carport is that it is easier to move compared to other material options. Since it can be quickly installed and uninstalled, you can bring it with you even if you are travelling. This is a suitable choice, especially if you plan to camp out and need a temporary structure for shelter.

Easy to assemble

Since there are metal carports that come in kits and come with a metal framing – this type of carport can be easily assembled and installed even without the help of professionals. However, if you want to be sure of the structure’s integrity and want it to be done as swiftly as possible, you can always reach out to our certified team at Ballarat Carports.

Traditional Wooden Carports

Wood is still a classic choice for many households because of its rustic aesthetic appeal and dependable quality. In Ballarat, you can also find various homeowners who have traditional wooden carports. If you want to know why they prefer wooden carports, here are some of its upsides.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wood is undeniably visually pleasing because of its warm and classic aesthetic. Compared to the modern look of aluminium and steel carports. Wooden carports will not look out of place in a traditionally designed home. It is a great addition to those who live in a log cabin or a timber home, but it can also offer a unique touch to contemporary styled houses.


Wood is an extremely versatile material. If you use it for your carport, you will have a myriad of design and colour options. Besides that, there are also various wood types to choose from, such as spruce, timber, fir and pine. However, before picking the wood you will use for your carport, don’t forget to research what type is best for your area’s climate.