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Having a garage can be very expensive as the structural requirements could include strong foundations, walls and all sides, and a shutter door. That is why in recent years, many homes in Australia have moved from the traditional four-walled garages to a cheaper, versatile, and more space-saving alternative – carports. Just like traditional garages, carports are also effective in protecting your vehicles from the elements (i.e., the extreme heat of the sun, the rain, and strong winds). However, carports are more flexible in terms of their use and function. Even though the primary purpose of carports is to provide a protective space where you can park your vehicles in place of a traditional garage, they can also be utilized in different creative ways. Because carports are open in at least two of their sides, they can be used as a roofing system for your outdoor living space like a pergola. You can set up couches and tables under its roof so you can enjoy a delish Sunday barbecue with your family and friends. They can also be a place where you keep your tool as you do in a shed. 

Here at Ballarat Carports, we provide the most reliable and the best carport consultation, design, and installation services in Ballarat and other surrounding cities in Victoria. More than 15 years of experience has provided us with the tools and skills to create a variety of carports, decks, patios, and pergolas. We guarantee our customers will be satisfied by building quality structures their entire family can enjoy for many summers! We have built a reputation of quality with the outputs we deliver and we stake our name for every project we take on. That is why for every work we do, we only use the best of the best materials to ensure their compliance with global standards.  We have also invested heavily in advanced and state-of-the-art equipment to allow us to work faster and more accurately. So, if you are looking for a service provider to build a high-quality, long-lasting, and cost-efficient carport, you don’t have to look further. 


We Deliver The Most Complete Carport Solutions in Ballarat

Carport Ballarat Services

The Most Complete Carport Solutions

Patios can transform the overall aesthetics of your backyard. They are a great way to extend your living space to the outdoors without breaking your bank.

Dimension and levels are important to create balance in a living space. Add some elevation to your yard with a well-designed and durable deck today!

Save money and get a multi-functional outdoor space where you can park your car or that you can use as a living area with a new carport.

Pergolas are a beautiful and luxurious addition to your backyard that can be used as a shade so you can enjoy your outdoor space no matter what the weather is.


All our designs are created just for you!

Our structures are designed with your specific site requirements in mind. You can be assured that any investment you make is a quality one, as each design meets industry guidelines for structural engineering.


Carport Ballarat service the wider Ballarat and Victoria region including:

  • Lake Goldsmith
  • Daylesford
  • Ballan
  • Maryborough
  • Avoca
  • Beaufort
  • Lexton
  • Stawell

If you’re looking for a team to install shed, garage, patio or carport, contact Ballarat Carports and the team today on (03) 5323 0289 or request a quote.

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Our Advantage

We Uphold a Very High Standard Of Quality In All Our Work

We customize based on your preferences. Our trained and creative designers will explore with you how you envision your carports are and they will create a design that is exclusive for you!

We uphold a high standard of quality and professionalism. All of our builders possess all the necessary skills to deliver top-notch outputs at a competitive rate.

Our bottom line is to make you feel satisfied after every project’s completion. That is why we make sure that you are always part of the process – from design to construction. Here at Carports Ballarat, you are the priority.

Our carport installation service is the best in town

High Quality Carports at the tip of your fingers

Here at Ballarat Carports, we have the skills, the right tools, and equipment, as well as the experience to provide you with visually appealing, long-lasting, and cost-effective carports. Call our hotline today to explore all the available carport options we have for you!

We have built the reputation of being the best pergola installers in Ballarat

Pergolas have the potential to transform your backyard into a luxurious and cozy living space. However, it is important that they are built properly to assure that they serve their purpose and to maximize longevity. Here at Carports Ballarat, our team is one of the best builders of unique and durable pergolas in the city. With extensive experience of more than 15 years, you can trust our handiwork. Call us today so you can talk to one of our experts who can provide you with an accurate cost and timeline assessment based on your project specifications.

Our pergola designs and workmanship are top notch

Ballarat Carports’ team of builders have a combined experience of more than 40 years.

We are the best and the most affordable patio installers in Ballarat and other suburbs

With Carports Ballarat, you can rest assured that your backyard will be one of the most coveted features in town. We specialize in installing functional and stylish patios perfect for outdoor living!

Add value to your home with a well-designed and well-built decking.

A deck is a staple in today’s home. You might not think you need one until they engross your outdoor space and make it comfortable for all seasons. If this sounds like something that would benefit you, then get the help of somebody who knows what they’re doing to build yours! Call Ballarat Carports today to get a FREE quote!

Our decks are high-quality, durable, and most importantly, affordable!

Most Common Questions


On average, a carport can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000. However, the actual cost may vary depending on several factors such as the area to be covered, the type of materials used, the design that you want, and even the preparatory work that is needed before the actual work begins. Call our hotline today to get a free quote based on your project requirements. 

Each project has its own timeline. The reason for this is that there is no two project that are perfectly the same. Factors like area to be covered, the type of materials used, the style, and even the weather can affect the duration before a project can be completed. Call us today so one of our experts can walk you through each of our services and provide you with a reliable timeline for your project. 

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